The Art of Packing



On our first trip–our honeymoon sixteen years ago–we brought one large wheeled suitcase, a smaller wheeled roll-aboard, a carry-on duffel bag, and two personal bags. That trip was 11 days, all in Great Britain, where, although neither of us had ever been, we could be relatively certain of the conditions and climate. We did not have room for souvenirs.

Last year, we managed 18 days visiting four cities in India and Nepal with two large (but still carry-on size) backpacks. And, we had room to bring back a wok, bedspread, several pashminas, tea, and a few articles of clothing.

So what changed in those intervening years?

We learned the secret of packing light. We learned that we enjoy ourselves far more with less in our bag to worry about.

We’ve written about this before in a general way, but we still often get asked “but how do you do it?”

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