Discovering Kali in the City of Night (Part 2)


After a great first couple of days in Kolkata, we were keen to see what the next two days would hold. (If you missed Kolkata part 1, click here to read it.)

Our third day in the city coincided with Kali Puja, and we decided to make our way to Mullik Ghat, by the Hoogly river under the Howrah bridge, to see the large flower market there. Checking a map, we saw we could take the subway a few stops, and then walk a short distance from there. The subway part of the journey was fine, if a bit alarming: I’ve never seen people push onto a subway with such zeal. Ever, in my life. The doors open, and the people on the platform dive into the car as though there were pots of gold for the first one in. They don’t let anyone get out; old people are trampeled, clothing is grabbed. I’m…

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