Journey to the Pink City


1380328_10201839255850559_787787126_n Waking before dawn on our fourth morning in India, we said goodbye to Rick and his family, and Delhi, and caught a train to Jaipur. The train station was a bit crazy–it was nearly impossible to figure out where to go, signage didn’t make sense and the loudspeaker through which they called the trains and platforms sounded like the teacher in Charlie Brown. But finally, we found our train, and managed to locate both the correct car and our seats.

As this was our first time on an Indian train, we decided to book first class seats. First class is not as grandiose as it sounds, and it’s actually pretty inexpensive, far less than coach tickets on Amtrak here in the states. But don’t get me wrong, it is quite comfortable–very roomy, in fact–and the porter comes through several times during the ride, first with a liter of water for each…

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