India & Nepal: explaining the unexplainable


Galtaji near Galtaji (monkey temple), Jaipur

We had some people over this past weekend, some of whom we hadn’t seen since our big trip. “So, how was India?”  they ask. “Was it amazing?”

It’s been nearly four months since we returned from our trip, and we still don’t know where to start answering that question. India cannot be boiled down into a sound bite, or an elevator pitch.

India was amazing. It was also frustrating, and fascinating, and difficult. It was dirty, and beautiful, and heartbreaking, and enlightening.

Amber Fort, Jaipur Amber Fort, Jaipur

India is everything, all at once. Which is what makes it so hard to put into words.

I think the thing that has been most difficult is reconciling what we thought we knew about India before the trip, and what we know now; how we thought we would would feel being in India, and what we felt while we were…

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