Belated Update


It’s been a while since I have posted here. Sara and I have been posting a bit at our new food and travel blog, eatdrinkculture. I will still be posting about travel here, but mostly in relation to my writing. 

I have a 10,000-word story out a market now. Expecting to hear about in around May. It is the best thing I have ever written (except for all the stuff I would tweak; those annoying bits you only see once you click “send” on a submission.)

I have several longer-scale writing projects in various stages of completion. Mostly surreal/magic realism, but one is space opera. I expect to finish three novella-length stories in the next three months, and then I have a couple of horror stories to finish to submit to some upcoming anthologies.

On the travel front, we went to New Orleans in January. We are going back in May for Jazz Fest 2nd Weekend. Later in the year we are taking a longer trip (it will be our 15th anniversary, so we want to do something, but not quite sure where yet. It will depend on what time of the year we can get off time from work. Right now we are leaning toward Istanbul for a few weeks. If the timing for that doesn’t work out, we are also considered reprising the Marrakech/Madrid trip, with an excursion to desert, or a trip to India. We should have a better idea in a few months time.



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  1. Well, if India appeals we’d love to host you. Just say the word…

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