Get Your Zombie Fix with Hiram Grange

You may have stumbled across this blog from my short zombie story “Mother Sisyphus” in One Buck Zombies and this shows you are a reader of fine discernment.

Well,  if you like zombies (and who doesn’t?) you may want to pick up Hiram Grange and the Digital Eucharist, which features a plethora of zombies. It is jam-packed with Jodie Foster zombies (Yes, that’s right, plural–as in more than one Jodie Foster zombie) and ravenous hordes of zombie chimpanzees (Oh, fuck yeah! Way more than one!)

It also features sex, drugs, and pigeons. (This is true.)

Awesome artwork by Malcolm McClinton and Danny Evarts. (This is really true.)

Printed in hallucinogenic ink mixed up in Scott Carr’s secret shadow government bunker. (This may not be true.)

Every 100 copies comes with a rare golden ticket that will get you a special heated seat on the Magic Space Rapture Ark. (This is probably not true.)

Buy it and find out.

For more Hiram Grange, check out this free story, “Hiram Grange and the Ghosts of Marrakech.”

A legless Jodie Foster zombie rudely inconveniences our paragon of virtue. Pray tell, what happens next?!


Enough with the zombies. We have wild demons up in here.


In which our intrepid hero is confronted by not one, not two, but three Jodie Foster zombies

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