Recent Publications

Here is an update on some recent publications and where you can get them.

“Bruise for Bruise”. This story, which originally appeared in Weird Tales #353 , was just released in audio at Pseudopod. Read by Elizabeth Green Musselman. You can download it there or through iTunes Podcasts. If you want a copy in print, the story is available in The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror and as a bonus short story at the end of Hiram Grange and the Digital Eucharist.

“The Harvesting of Jackson Cade” This story was the  winner of the World Horror Convention 2011 Short Story Contest. It was printed in the souvenir book for the convention and was recently released in Black Static #23, along with a brief interview wherein I reveal the secret of the universe.

“Hiram Grange and the Ghosts of Marrakech” (Shroud Digital Edition 1.02) This is a free short story featuring one of Hiram Grange’s myriad bizarre adventures, this time in beautiful Marrakech.

“Juggling Glass Globes at the Hemophiliac’s Zoo” (Murky Depths #15This is one of my favorite stories, featuring the intrepid chimpanzee Porno, who works at a zoo for sinners. Porno is going to be a major character in The Clockwork Heart of Heaven, so you will want this to know where his story begins.


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