World Horror Con 2011 #1

I have registered and booked the hotel for World Horror Con in Austin, Texas, in a few weeks (April 28-30). There is going to be a healthy Hiram Grange contingent in attendance, with Richard Wright (flying all the way from India!), Tim Deal, and Danny Evarts. There shall be absinthe.

There are a lot of great writers going, but I hope I get a chance to meet Joe Lansdale. He is one of my favorites.

I am signed up for the Mass Signing on Saturday night and will have some magical Chimp Head swag for the faithful. Buttons and magnets that will realign your chi and foretell calamity.

I am taking a horror business/writing seminar with Brian Keene that I am really looking forward to. Just finished his book A Gathering of Crows, which was excellent.

Sara and I are going to be spending a few extra days in Austin after the con to get to know the city better and take in the local food scene (lots of spicy habanero and  jalapeno options!), music scene, and flying bats. I am trying to find some alt-country bands to check out.

I think a wasabi milkshake is in my future, as well as an Amarillo Burger at Casino el Camino.

If you have any Austin tips, please let me know


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