Readercon 21

I am going to be at Readercon again this year. Sara and I are going on Friday in the early afternoon and will be there until late Sunday (once the World Cup Final is over.) Readercon has always been our favorite con because it focuses just on the literature, and a lot of great writers and editors go every year.

I am a huge fan of Samuel Delany, Michael Swanwick, and James Morrow. Hopefully, I will have a chance to talk with them during the weekend.

Also, it will be great to meet some of the folks that I know only through their blogs or Facebook. I will be at the Meet the Prose party, and, when not at panels or in the bookshop, I will most likely be in the vicinity of the bar, so say hi.

These are panels I definitely would like to see, but it is possible that one or two may clash with a kaffeeklatsch/beer talk or autograph session.

Fri – 3:00 Influence as Contagion

Fri – 4:00 The Unknowable Character

Sat – 11:00: Starmaker My Destination: Teleological SF

Sat – 12:00: Orphans of the Time Stream

Sat – 2:00: The Fiction of the Unpleasant

Sat – 4:00-6:00 Charles Stross/ Nalo Hopkinson Interviews

Sun – 10:00 Metaphysical Hard SF

Sun – 12:00 The Short Fiction of Theodore Sturgeon


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