I have been on pins and needles waiting for Hiram Grange and the Digital Eucharist to come out, and now it is out in the wild. Some good reviews so far. It has been a long time coming. (I will have a much longer, unexpurgated post about the writing of the Hiram Grange novella soon.)

There are all kinds of exciting plans for promoting the Hiram books, including book signings, videos, readings, absinthe, conventions, etc. I will also try to set some things up locally. If you have already had a chance to read the book, feel free to post a review on Amazon or B&N; at this stage of the game, word of mouth really helps a lot.

Some exciting news on the Hiram front: I am working on a flash Hiram story submission for the upcoming digital version of Shroud Magazine, tentatively titled “Hiram Grange and the Dessicates of Marrakech.” I have a cool concept for it, but I haven’t sat down to work on it yet, so I have no idea if it will fit into 500 words.

I have started work on a new horror novel, tentatively titled The Firstborn (at 20K words now, 60K more to go.) I am also finishing a space opera novella that I have been batting around for a few years. I have started actively sending out short stories again, so hopefully I can place a few here and there.

I will be at Context in Ohio in August, after a week in San Diego for work. The best-case scenario will have me on a red-eye flight Friday night and in Ohio Saturday morning exhausted but raring to go for all the Shroud/Hiram Grange festivities.

I am also planning on being at World Horror Con in Austin, TX, next April, and I think most (perhaps all!) of the Hiram folks will be there. I have always wanted to go to Austin, as I have heard great things about the food and music scene there. Also, I am looking forward to the chance to meet Joe Hill, Brian Keene, Sarah Langan, and one of my writing idols Joe Lansdale.

Somewhere in between all this, Sara and I are trying to figure out if we can manage another trip, most likely in late December, when I get a week off from work. We are considering Marrakech again because we both feel that we barely scratched the surface the first time there. This time we will definitely go out into the desert and see Ouarzazate. But as is always the case when we start thinking about the next trip, other places keep popping up, and now we are also considering Mexico City, mainly for the food, Aztec ruins, and bullfights. We won’t know until later in the year if we are going anywhere, but it is always fun to plan.


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