My Book Is Now Available

You can order it here.  It is  also available on Amazon.

Cover images

From its global headquarters in Boston, the mysterious Occlusionist Movement is preparing to control the world with its Digital Eucharist, while in the serpentine bowels of the city an ancient demon is unleashed, eager for revenge against the man who imprisoned it years ago–Hiram Grange!

Cover Art and illustrations by Malcolm McClinton

Layout, design, copyediting, and woodcut embellishments by Danny Evarts

What Are People Saying?

“Join Hiram Grange as he negotiates with a little voodoo help an unfamiliar and scary Boston. Along the way he struggles with Black Magic rituals, creatures summoned from the Abyss, his own inner demons, and the mysterious enslaving power of the Digital Eucharist. At stake: Saving the world from the  Occlusionist Movement. The writing is consistently authentic and compelling. An absolute  must read for fans of fast-paced, action-packed occult thrillers.”

Gene O’Neill, Bram Stoker Award-winning author  of JADE and DEATHFLASH

The Digital Eucharist is a trip in every sense of the word…dark, funny, humanistic, and surreal. While others are producing stories and characters in a familiar cookie-cutter format, the minds behind Hiram Grange are blazing a trail as unique and wonderful as the world they are working within. Hiram Grange is Absinthe for the fastidious horror reader.”

Michael Knost, Bram Stoker Award-winner of WRITERS WORKSHOP OF HORROR

“Vivid, engaging, and darkly humorous – Hiram Grange and the Digital Eucharist is another spectacular entry in the Hiram Grange series that you can’t afford to miss.”

Jason M. Tucker – Author of MEAT CITY & OTHER STORIES

If you need to catch up on Books 1 and 2, they are available here: Shroud Publishing

They are also available at Amazon.


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