Hiram Grange Returns


I just turned the in the final draft of Hiram Grange and the Digital Eucharist (23000 words). Hopefully, there will just be some proofing and minor edits to be complete. Malcolm McClinton, the artist doing to covers and interior illustrations for the Hiram books, has been turning in some astounding pieces. Some of his other great artwork can be seen at his site: Studio Space

This is the cover image. I think it is phenomenal, and I am beside myself with glee every time I see it. In the coming days, I will be posting more about the progress of the book through production, as well as posts on writing it, collaborating with the other Hiram writers/artists, why zombies should never be trusted, chimpanzees, what exactly a novella is, and absinthe.

If you need to catch up on Books 1 and 2, they are available here: Shroud Publishing

They are also available at Amazon.


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  1. Hinny says:

    Congrats and good for you Rob. Killer cover!

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