After Readercon

Readercon was rather good this year, but we missed Thursday night and Sunday. There were a lot of great panels, and some

I was able to have Gene Wolfe sign my three Book of the Short Sun volumes. Now, I just need to get the Book of the Long Sun volumes signed and I will be content. I got my Easton Press copies of Book of the New Sun signed at Balticon a few years ago. (Not funny story: I carried all of my Gene Wolfe books to Baltimore  in a suitcase (20 or so), only to learn that there was a 3-book limit at the signing. My joy was not full.)

Samuel R. Delany signed my copies of Nova, Fall of the Towers, and Babel-17/Empire Star. I now have my entire Delany collection of books signed, except for an old SFBC copy of Driftglass.

I didn’t buy many books because we took the bus and I was already carrying 10 books with us, but I did pick up Catherynne M. Valente’s In the Night Garden and I got it signed shortly thereafter. Sara got Elizabeth Hand’s Generation Loss and got it signed.

I met some new folks, including Chris Furst, who wrote the phenomenal “The Last Great Clown Hunt” in Weird Tales.

There is a new restaurant at the hotel called Summer Winter, which was really nice. The food was excellent and the beer and wine selection was not too bad. Unfortunately, they seem to have neutered their existing “Irish” pub so it wouldn’t compete, severely slashing the offerings on the menu. But Smithwick’s on tap is never a bad thing.

Overall, another enjoyable weekend.


I just learned the sad news that Charles N. Brown, the publisher of Locus, died soon after Readercon. I didn’t know him, but have been an avid reader of Locus since my teens, which, before the Internet, was the only place I knew of to get info on what books my favorite writers were working on.


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