To Do List

I’ve been very busy with work lately, so I haven’t been updating the blog much and have fallen behind on several projects. I have a few stories coming out in the coming weeks, eagerly waiting for the mailman with my contributor copies.

On the agenda for the remainder of the year:

  • Finish Hiram Grange novella. I am really unforgivably late with this. I was blocked and written into a corner until I realized a very simple fix, which I think lets everything fall into place. I should be done in a week or two (5000 words or so left after some vicious cutting of little darlings).
  • Get through the first 2 modules of Arabic in Rosetta Stone by December.
  • Finish horror novel (LBB)  for DP’s contest by the end of September.
  • Finish “First Will of Barnabas Crake” story, with more monkeys, real and imagined.
  • Finish “Crucifixion” story and send to Interzone. (4 years and counting on this 9000 word opus. Egads!)
  • Join the gym to regain my eternal mastery over flesh and steel and mind
  • Finish John Crowley’s Aegypt Cycle, Moorcock’s Pyat books plus Del Rey reprints of the Elric stories, and a few more of Steve Erikson’s Malazan books (I am up to Book 5 now). Other reading will be more freeform. I am a flibbertigibbet when it comes to books, so I never know what I am reading next.
  • Plan out trip to Marrakech at end of December.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sara says:

    Good list! And I, for one, am selfishly happy that the last item is done 🙂

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