Little Big

img_0136The monolith on the right is my old PC, which I built about 6 years ago. The little guy on the left is my shiny new HP Pavilion Slimline that I bought from Morlocks R’ Us with the dosh from selling my B5 script collection on eBay. I have a PS3 for gaming, so I stopped mucking around with new video card upgrades a while ago, and I finally got tired of tweaking this part and upgrading that bit.

I had Windows XP with Office 2003 and an ancient version of Photoshop. 1GB ram. 2.2 ghz Intel Pentium.

I now have Vista 64-bit with Office 2007 and Adobe CS4 Master Collection. 4GB ram. 2.5 ghz Intel Pentium Dual Core. No problems with Vista yet, except for getting Peer Guardian to work, but I have a few fixes to try before I start swearing.

Upcoming tasks:

  • Finish Hiram novella/novel
  • Finish Noisome Beak novel
  • Finish tweaking new Noisome Beak website
  • Shoot and edit online trailer/podcast for both

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