Brian Wilson in Boston


The big day started early. I woke up at 6:15am! As in the morning. As in really early. Showered and out the door by 7:00 and waiting like a jackass in the freezing cold for 25 minutes for the fucking bus. I got to Newbury Comics at 7:45am and they were open early! I got my copy of That Lucky Old Sun on vinyl and my wristband for the afternoon signing, then off to work.

The signing at noon meant another glorious 30 minutes in the freakin’ Bawston weathah, but it was warm inside for the last 10 minutes in line. They were pretty rigorous with the rules, and of course, no one followed them. As usual, when it was my turn to get stuff signed, I got stuck behind some chatty-Kathys who wouldn’t leave after Brian signed their stuff and they kept spewing banalities from their sad, little mouths. Jesus! Enough already! Move along!

So, alas, I didn’t have any chance to talk to Brian. But, really, what is there to say? The man is a god. He signed my album and a copy of Pet Sounds on vinyl, and I am a very happy soul.

The show is tonight at the Orpheum. He is playing TLOS in its entirety, plus a slew of Beach Boys classics. This will be my second time seeing TLOS performed (Sara and I saw him premiere it in London last year).

I think we are going to Kennedy’s Midtown beforehand for some beverages. We have never been there before. It claims to be an Irish pub. Those are rather rare in Boston. We’ll see. (They also have a nice virus on their website, so they get no link from me.)


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