I am finally getting close to finishing the draft for the Hiram Grange novella. It has been much more difficult than I expected. The stuff the other Hiram writers are coming up with is top notch, and I want to make sure my story is equal to theirs, which, of course, gave me a lovely case of writer’s block. But I got most of it down on paper and am pretty pleased with it. I just need to tweak it and then give it a quick line edit. and throw in some more monkeys, robots, and opium.

God (a.k.a., Brian Wilson) is coming back to the Orpheum in November, touring for his new album That Lucky Old Sun. He is performing the album live and then playing Beach Boys hits. I saw the world premiere of TLOS at the Royal Festival Hall in London a little over a year ago and it is a great album.

Still practicing my French via Rosetta Stone, which is a great language learning system. I have a little more than two weeks to become fluent. I suspect that won’t happen. But I can order another bottle of wine. And I can threaten children with bodily harm, so I’m probably golden as is.


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