Mike Love Still Sucks


Beach Boys
at the Hatch Shell in Boston
7-9:30 PM
Rain or Shine

I refuse to pay money to see “The Beach Boys” with Mike Love, because there is no such thing as the Beach Boys without Brian Wilson. But this is free, so we are going.

Why does Mike Love suck?

He did his damned best to make sure Smile was never completed. When presented with the lyrics “columnated ruins domino” from “Surf’s Up”, Mike Love said “…what the fuck is that supposed to mean?” But, of course, the fucking philistine had no problem raking it in fist-over-fist and singing in his nasaly voice “The wildest short around is my cherry, cherry coupe.” Fuck him.

Open a history book, you transcendental redneck hillbilly.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lord Fondleberries says:

    where did i just read that mike love was down-shifting his suck, thus rendering him a dirt devil?

  2. chris ego says:

    Mike love sucks!!!!!

    Mick love is an asshole!!!

    Fuck Mike Love Forever!!!

  3. Mike Love says:

    Sonofabitch, Dennis Still outsells my shit.

  4. Micki says:

    Amen to Chris Ego. Add Brucie to that list, bud. Dennis Forever, Mike Never.

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