Readercon 18


Sara and I just got back from Readercon in Burlington, our 8th time going. It was extra long this year due to the added Thursday panel and the expanded panels on Friday. So, I think overall we saw around 18 panels. Most were really good, but a few veered wildly from the description or were simply dull. We’ve actually somewhat given up on descriptions and go more based on who is sitting on the panel. Among others, Michael Swanwick, James Morrow, and John Clute always make for interesting panels.

Lucius Shepard gave a talk on Sunday about Central America that was rather eye-opening. He also showed a clip of documentary he is involved with, about the Dole fruit company. I am not sure of the title. It may be Christmas in Honduras (that is the title of his upcoming nonfiction book about Central America). I will post more about it when I get more information.

Oddly enough, considering the quality of the dealer’s room, I didn’t acquire that many books this time:

The Best of Philip Jose Farmer (Subterranean Books)
Year’s Best Fantasy 2007 (Prime Books)
Year’s Best Science Fiction 2007 (Prime Books)

But I was able to get a box full of books signed.

The main restaurant in the hotel was closed for renovations, but there didn’t seem to be any problems with the pub being overcrowded that I saw. However, on Sunday, they served only breakfast until 2:00. For those of you that don’t know, I have a visceral loathing for breakfast food, and breakfast buffets are a particularly loathsome thing. So we had to go deal with the brain trust manning the Finagle a Bagel down the street.

Already looking forward to next year…


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  1. Lord Fondleberries says:

    why would one need to finagle a bagel?

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