Vlucht! Vlucht! De Kippengod!


For no apparent reason, except perhaps a mistyped email address, I’ve been getting some emails from some kind people in, I assume, Denmark. They seem to be a work group or a bunch of college kids working on a project. The latest email was:

“Hoi allemaal,
Ik heb de tapes niet ingeladen vrijdag…. Ze liggen inderdaad nog in de montageruimte (hoop ik :P).
Ik ga er morgen (maandag) even naar kijken. Dat komt goed.

Which I was able to translate as:

Hi all, I the tapes have not loaded Friday…. They indeed still lie in the assembly space (hope I:P). I will look at there tomorrow (Monday) just as to. That comes good. Groeten, Michiel

So I dusted off my babelfish and replied, hoping to alert them to their error in sending me a bunch of emails:

“Ik ben eerder ongerust gemaakt over dit. U hebt de hamsters vergeten, en dat zal uw val zijn. Wat de kippengod zal doen wanneer hij terugkeert? Hij zal wrathful en in brand zijn. Vlucht. Vlucht!”

Imagine my chagrin when I realized that it translates as:

This has made me rather worried. You have forgotten the hamsters, and that will be your downfall. What will the Chicken God do when he returns? He will be wrathful and aflame. Flee. Flee!

I have yet to get a response.

New email to me (translated from the Dutch):

“Hi all, ash Wednesday go busy with burning and testing the dvd’s for the hoofdzonden. For 12.00 gladly everything ready stand the small films on dvd have been possible burn. You for there yourself do not succeed also for 12.00 its mails me then even then speak we just as what which day. Pay everything also just as from to mov files so that we can possibly burn the dvd’s on my rag top. The scenes from the kitchen add we Wednesday at the other assemblies. Appetite to the bel if problems arise there, does not wait up to the last moment! I try still regulate that your Tuesday can continue work longer in the assembly garden. Here bowl I Monday. All up to Wednesday! Hesther”

I am worried about what a hoofdzonden might be.


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  1. Lord Fondleberries says:

    the chicken god must have intercepted the e-mail. tell him to watch out for stray lisa bonnets (i hear tell they do a number on chickens).

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