Her Real Problem…


“My mother was fired from her job 11 months ago and has not yet found work. She drew unemployment, but that has run out. However, her real problem is, she thinks the devil is living in her home and raping her every night. She also thinks this man at work she had a crush on, and who kept rejecting her, is living in her house.
She often talks about killing herself. My aunt says she is fine, but she is NOT fine. She refuses to get professional help. How can I help her? — Worried Daughter in Illinois” (emphasis mine)

A rather odd way to structure a letter. What happened with starting with the main idea? I rather think the lack of a job is a tad less important than the nightly diabolical trysts.


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  1. Lord Fondleberries says:

    just curious: is mom’s name maureen?

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