Farewell Falwell


Well, Falwell is dead, and I am rather happy with the fact.

Of course, whenever some carbuncle like Falwell dies, there are always those do-gooders that say “we shouldn’t stoop to their level” and celebrate their death. They claim “the dead should be treated with respect like any other human being.” Pish posh, say I.

Since humanity is nothing more than an ambitious slime mold with opposable thumbs and deserves nothing from the universe, a vile exemplar of the species (like Falwell, Ann Coulter, Gary Coleman) deserves even less. Claiming we derive some inalienable rights from some God, or the Constitution, or your jazzed up blog, or that we have some inherent joyful bliss due to our shared humanity really means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

So raise a glass for Tinky Winky and watch out for hurricanes.


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