It is about time that Boston got some cultcha.

Wagamama at Faneuil Hall

Cambridge is getting some cultcha this summah.

Wagamama in Harvard Square

I’ve been to one in London and one in Dublin. Very good food.


Sara and I went to the one in Fanueil Hall on Saturday. It is in the old Rustic Kitchen location (across from Kingfish). Food is still very good, but I am far too misanthropic to enjoy the cafeteria seating. (We got stuck next to a rather weird father-daughter pairing: the typical feckless father picking up his progeny from college and the sullen co-ed whose every expression was full of “Uggg, I can’t believe you are my dad. You are so gay!”) Also had a brush with fame on Newbury Street: The Edge walked by us as we were partaking of some wine at some place whose name eludes me. I threw no dinner rolls.


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  1. Sara says:

    Our brush with fame was at Bouchée.

    I agree about the seating at Wagamama, although in limited doses it does provide some entertainment.

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