Deadlines and Crawfish Heads


I have been rushing to finish two stories before May 2: a horror story “The Harvesters,” which I will be sending to Chizine, and then a SF story “The C of the AM,” which is going to Interzone for their May email reading period. The IZ story is perhaps one of the darkest things I have written, a space opera for misanthropes. I like it a lot; hopefully, the folks at IZ will agree.

I am trying to get these done soon because I am going to New Orleans on May 3 for my best friend Roger’s bachelor party. We’re going to the Jazzfest on May 4 and maybe doing a swamp boat tour on the 5th. I suspect a few Turbodogs will be consumed, so I know I won’t be in prime writing shape for a few days after.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Lord Fondleberries says:

    watch out for the swamp ass in no.

    lord f

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