I hate waiting for news about my submissions. I know all the advice says you should just keep sending stuff out and ignore wait times, but at some point I get too preoccupied with stories I have sent to various markets and can’t focus on new stories. Right now, I have four stories out and they are all edging past the “maximum response time” window. Tension ensues.

I wouldn’t mind waiting as much if I knew for sure that the story was still under consideration, but there have been several times where I find out many months after submitting a story to a market (and waiting patiently for the response) that A) they never received the story in the first place or B) they rejected it and I never got the rejection. (Or C, I wake up and realize that I am a butterfly who dreamed he wrote a story.)

I also indulge in all manner of fruitless rejectomancy: checking the Black Hole for response times to see if a market is actively sending out responses, scouring blogs and forums for tidbits about the current state of slush at the various markets, splattering fish entrails on the wall and speaking in elder tongues to learn the truest truths.

Ah, I should finish my new story…


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