Top 50 SF Shows by People Who Don’t Know What the Hell They Are Talking About


I haven’t had time to wade through all 50 of these, but I am sure that most are superfluous anyway. Just because someone gets their toast from a talking toaster, it is not SF, of even sci-fi for the philistines.

Not too surprised to see Star Trek at #1. I won’t even rant about the sheer insanity of it; it was one of the firsts and deserves some props. Ellison, Gerrold, and Spinrad wrote some good episodes.

But Babylon 5 should have been given #2 because it is not only the best SF show ever, it is one of the the best television shows ever aired. J. Michael Straczynski made a five-season space opera that redefined how television SF is made.

Twilight Zone should be closer to the top. And, come on, I love Scully and Mulder as much as the next guy, but X-Files before Doctor Who? That’s a conspiracy I’ll never understand.

UPDATE (I finally read the entire list, and I threw up a little in my mouth.):

#48 3rd Rock from the Sun is a ridiculous piece of offal.
#47 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century #47?! C’mon, where’s the love? Surely, they are forgetting the episode that guest-starred Gary Coleman. This should be in the Top 10 at least.
#38 Batman is not SF (nor is Xena, Superman, Buffy, Tales from the Crypt, etc.).
#22 Andromeda is perhaps worse than #48.

Where the fuck is ALF? I mean, come on, you are putting every ridiculous, stereotypical piece of televised dogshit in a convenient list and calling it the Top 50 Sci-Fi Shows of All Time (in an edgy font, no less; the future is all semiotics to you folks, isn’t it) and yet, beyond all belief, you leave out ALF, the Rosetta Stone of idiotic, laugh-track laden, mainstream American television circa 1986.

You must remember ALF, Alien Lifeform, feeds on cats, oh so witty? He is why the Berlin Wall fell, not Reagan.


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  1. Lord Fondleberries says:


    it’s the fahkin globe, fah fahk’s sake, so i’m not sure what yous were thinkin. i mean, come on, fahkin mike bahnical and dan fahkin shaugnessy turned on mork, hopped in a warm salty bubblebath, rubbed each other’s dicks, and pop: out jizzed’s exhausted list of the best space love and rocket ship filled shows evah.

    i’m goin to dunkins, get ya a kruller, you french who-ah?

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