My short story “India Pale Angel” is the featured story for March and is available to read for free on the Mythic Delirium website. There are a lot of great stories and poems awaiting your perusal on the site, so please check it out.

“India Pale Angel” is an admittedly strange story. Strange for me at least. There are some quirky story mechanics that make sense to me (if nobody else); an expurgated listing of great India Pale Ales and local (to Boston, for the most part) watering holes that excel at the dispensing thereof; the tremulous arc of a love story; and a serial killer with impeccable hygiene. It is 100% monkey free.

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Our arrival in Kolkata* was surprisingly green. I don’t know why we didn’t expect it; after all, the city is in a tropical area, but somehow the idea of “Calcutta” called to mind images of impossibly crowded, urban streets and not much else. But there were palm trees, and lush greenery in many areas, notably on the drive into town, and then the motherload of green: the Maidan, sometimes referred to as the “lungs of Kolkata” and the largest urban park in the city.

The other notable thing you see on the ride from the airport into town is the massive amount of construction: high-rise apartments, tech and financial companies, shiny international hotels, along with new infrastructure–roads and subway extensions–being built to accommodate it all. IBM, Accenture,Cisco, Intel, HSBC…I lost track of all the big names I saw on both existing and new structures going up. Clearly this was one…

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Journey to the Pink City

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1380328_10201839255850559_787787126_n Waking before dawn on our fourth morning in India, we said goodbye to Rick and his family, and Delhi, and caught a train to Jaipur. The train station was a bit crazy–it was nearly impossible to figure out where to go, signage didn’t make sense and the loudspeaker through which they called the trains and platforms sounded like the teacher in Charlie Brown. But finally, we found our train, and managed to locate both the correct car and our seats.

As this was our first time on an Indian train, we decided to book first class seats. First class is not as grandiose as it sounds, and it’s actually pretty inexpensive, far less than coach tickets on Amtrak here in the states. But don’t get me wrong, it is quite comfortable–very roomy, in fact–and the porter comes through several times during the ride, first with a liter of water for each…

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Delhi, our gateway to India

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We can’t claim to have had the most typical introduction to India, as we were not only fortunate enough to have friends with a flat in New Delhi, but that flat happened to be inside the walls of the British High Commission. Or, as more commonly referred to, the British Embassy.

I know that sounds rather highfalutin’, but Richard and Kirsty work for the British government and are on a temporary posting in India; and thus, they live in an apartment building (one of several), within the grounds of the BHC. Rob met Richard through a collaborative writing project a few years back. Since then, we’ve been able to meet up a few times here in the states when Rick’s been over for conventions. When we started planning our trip to India, he generously offered us accommodation with him and his family for the Delhi leg of the trip.


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Once again, we will post in detail about this visit later–it will take some time to fully process all we have experienced–but here’s a taste of the sights we have been privileged to see thus far.









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Scenes from Delhi & Jaipur

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I’ll write a proper post on our experiences later, but here are a few select images from our week in India so far. 20131030-214036.jpg 20131030-214127.jpg 20131030-214154.jpg 20131030-214337.jpg 20131030-214222.jpg 20131030-214308.jpg

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Scenes from Kathmandu

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For the final leg of our trip, we are in the capital city of Nepal. As with India, we will write more detail later, but just a few images from the past couple of days. All the really great photos are on our camera, so these few phone snaps will have to do for now…








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India & Nepal: Memorable food

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Context and memory play powerful roles in all the truly great meals in one’s life.
-Anthony Bourdain

photo 1

We’ve been back just a week, and are still trying to get back into the swing of work and regular life. As we both had to start back at work almost immediately, there has been little time to really reflect on what was the most adventurous and momentous trip of our lives to date, let alone sort through the hundreds of photos to come up with a coherent narrative of all we saw and experienced

However, one thing we can jump right into, is the delicious food we had. Perhaps we set the bar high, but we wanted–were expecting–to be blown away by the food. On a trip of 18 days, it’s impossible to think that every meal is going to astound you, but a surprising number did. From a $5 dinner for…

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